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Bioblas ِAnti-Hair Loss Shampoo For Colored And Highlighted Hair

بيوبلاس شامبو ضد تساقط الشعر للشعر المصبوغ و الملون 360مل(كود 7026)

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LE 305.00
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شامبو ضد تساقط الشعر  ، يبطئ تساقط الشعر ، ويعزز جذور الشعر الضعيفة ، ويضيف الحجم والجسم واللمعان والمرونة. يساعدك على تمشيط وتصفيف شعرك بسهولة أكبر و يحافظ علي لون صبغة الشعر

With Herbal serum That Nourishes & Strengthen the hair roots; prevents hair loss. With Keratin that helps it to main Hair Color for longer time .

Stimulate healthy hair growth. contains Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant and Protect from UVB and Short UVA.

Effective against hair loss with regular application , Slows down hair loss , Reinforces weak hair roots , Adds volume, body , shine and flexibility. Helps you to comb and style your hair more easily.