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Bioblas Anti Hair loss liquid Conditioner for Curly styling & Thermal treated hair 200 ML

Bioblas Anti-Hair Loss Liquid Conditioner For Curly Styling & Thermal Treated Hair 200Ml

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Bioblas Liquid Conditioner For Curly Styling provides easy combing while providing intensive care to the hair. It repairs and nourishes the hair, making it look stronger and healthier. It gives silky softness and intense shine to the hair. It prevents hair loss.

Active Ingredient:

complex26 , Phyto keratin, Wheat, corn and soybean protein


✔️It benefits ends of the hair and helps them grow in a healthy way.
✔️it moisturizes the hair and thus helps make the hair strands soft.
✔️It allows the hair to be shaped easily.
✔️It can prevent damage by protecting the hair against heat styling tools.

How To Use:

Apply to wet hair ends, No rinse Needed .
Suitable for daily use.