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Bioblas Rosemary Anti-Hair Loss Liquid Conditioner 100Ml

Bioblas Rosemary Anti-Hair Loss Liquid Conditioner 100Ml

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Bioblas Anti-Hair Loss Rosemary Conditioner is formulated with rosemary extract, which is believed to have properties that can stimulate hair growth and improve the overall health of hair follicles. Rosemary is often used in hair care products for its potential to strengthen hair roots and reduce hair loss.

Active Ingredient:

Rosemary Oil
Tea Tree Extract
Complex B19


  • Protect The Natural Hair
  • Repair and Moisturize
  • Strengthen The Barrier Of The Hair And The Scalp
  • Help To Regain The Natural Shine

How To Use:

Apply to slightly damp and dry hair after every wash. It is not rinsed. It is suitable for daily use.