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Nutrivam Micellar Water With Thermal Water 35 Ml

Nutrivam Micellar Water With Thermal Water 35 Ml

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Introducing Nutriam Micellar Water with Thermal Water, a gentle and effective cleanser designed for your face, eyes, and lips. This innovative product harnesses the power of micelles, a new technology that cleanses, soothes, and refreshes even the most sensitive skin or skin with specific concerns like seborrheic dermatitis, couperose, or dry skin.

Active Ingredient:

• Thermal Water
• Alantoin


✔️Removes make-up without aggressing the skin
✔️The high content of thermal water with anti-inflammatory, soothing properties
✔️Protects the skin microbiome
✔️It gives a feeling of freshness

How To Use:

✨Soak a cotton ball with micellar thermal water
✨Apply to the skin in circular motions
✨No rinsing required