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Babe Comforting Hydra-Exfoliator 50Mg

Babe Comforting Hydra-Exfoliator 50Mg

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Our gentle exfoliating product features extra fine microparticles that delicately remove dead skin cells without causing irritation. It offers a double exfoliation process: chemical, thanks to Salicylic Acid, and mechanical, thanks to the tiny particles. The Salicylic Acid proportion is carefully balanced to create a peeling effect without harming the skin, allowing the main active ingredients to penetrate effectively.
Suitable for sensetive Skin

Active Ingredient:

Salicylic acid 0.50%
Lactic acid 0.20%
Licorice Extract 1 %
organic Silica extract 
Vitamin E 0.25%
Jojoba Oil 2%


✔️Eliminates dead skin cells
✔️removes impurities
✔️regulates the skin thickness
✔️providing better cellular oxygenation

How To Use:

Apply to the wet skin and gently Massage. Then Rinse with water . Use 1-2 times /week