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Babe Extra Mild Shampoo 250Ml

Babe Extra Mild Shampoo 250Ml

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The most sensitive scalp will appreciate this Extra Mild Shampoo which is non-irritant and also conditions the hair and prevents frizz. A shampoo for daily use that moisturizes and protects the hair follicle and hair fibre for soft, healthy hair. Its formula with conditioning active ingredients makes it easier to comb hair after a shower or bath and prevents frizz or breakage. Deep cleansing without drying out the hair.

Active Ingredient:

Hair moisturizing action that prevents breakage and reduces electrostatic electricity.
Provides hydration, conditions the hair and promotes natural growth.
Derived from vitamin B5, capable of easily penetrating the hair and skin of the scalp, maintaining its natural moisturizing factor.


✔️Extra mild cleaning for daily use
✔️Does not sting the eyes
✔️Adds softness, hydration and shine
✔️Easy combing, no pulling
✔️Mild and pleasant aroma

How To Use:

Recommended as a shampoo for daily use or alternating with treatment shampoos.