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Bioblas Forte Anti-Hair Loss  Intensive Herbal Serum 60Ml

Bioblas Forte Anti-Hair Loss Intensive Herbal Serum 60Ml

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Bioblas Forte Serum is effective against intense hair loss with its 96% herbal serum content. It strengthens hair roots and makes hair grow healthier and stronger. It strengthens dead hair follicles.

Active Ingredient:

Flavonoids: Protects hair strands from damage.
Unsaturated Fatty Acids: Effective against hair loss.
Minerals: Nourishes the hair.


Bioblas has developed a three-stage solution against the problem of intense hair loss with its Patented Herbal Complex B19.

Nourish: Rich herbal actives prevent intense hair loss.
Protects: Protects the natural barrier of the scalp.
Renews: Vitamins and minerals restructure the hair.

How To Use:

A suitable amount of serum is applied to the scalp area. Gently massage with circular movements for at least one minute and then thoroughly absorb into the scalp.

It is suitable for daily use. And For more effective results, it is recommended to use it continuously and regularly.