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Nutrivam Reparing Skin 10% Urea Lotion 100Ml

Nutrivam Reparing Skin 10% Urea Lotion 100Ml

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Nutrivam Lotion a powerful skincare solution For Strawberry Skin. This cream is enriched with 10% Urea, known for its skin-repairing properties, making it an effective lotion for rejuvenating your skin.


✔️ Repairing Strawberry Skin
✔️ Prevention & Treatment For Dry And Flaky Skin
✔️ Provides An Intense And Long-Lasting Daily Moisture
✔️ Restores The Hydrolipidic Film
✔️ Instantly Soothes Skin Tightness, Irritation And Itchiness
✔️ Treatment Of Sever Conditions Like:

Chronic eczema
Post-burn Scars
Diabetic Skin Care

Active Ingredient:

Urea 10%
Intensive Deep Moisturization
Soy Oil
Oil-Restoring And Emollient
Glycerin 3%
Favors Water Retention Avoiding Dehydration
Shea Butter 2%
Moisturizing, Regenerating And Emollient
Lactic Acid 0.12%
Powerful Antioxidant

How To Use:

Suitable For Daily Use