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Nutrivam Kids Wash

Nutrivam Kids Wash Anti-Bacterial 250 Ml

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Our Kid Wash is designed to be extra gentle on your child's delicate skin, ensuring a soothing effect with every use. Enriched with Vitamin E, it helps to moisturize and protect their skin, leaving it feeling soft and refreshed.


✔️ Vitamin A And E Nourshing Effect
✔️ Ph Balanced.
✔️ Suitable For Sensitive Skin & Flaky Skin.
✔️ Used For Face, Body And Hair.
✔️ No Itching Sensation Due To Skin Dryness.

Active Ingredient:

  Gentle Foaming
  Propylene glycol free
  Mineral oil-free

How To Use:

On A Wet Skin, Apply A Small Amount Of Nutrivam Kids Wash To The Body And/Or Hair. Massage Lightly Onto Skin Then Rinse.